D.Marchiori (DMA) manufacture Air Data Test Sets (ADTS) and Aircraft Ground Support Equipment (AGSE) and their products are in use around the world.

Air Data Test Sets

For the airline industry the range of Air Data Test Sets continues to be selected by a growing number of both national airlines and many of the low cost operators. Additionally numerous MRO overhaul bases are finding the facilities the DMA testers offer them to be beneficial in their work patterns.

Air Data Test Sets for Helicopters

For the helicopter industry the ability of the DMA range of products to provide ultra low airspeed control and precision measurement is of major importance and this feature is present on the majority of the MPS range of Air Data Test Sets.  

Test sets for Tachometers, Inertial Instrumentation and more……

While the Air Data Testers described above form the major proportion of the Companies products numerous other Aircraft related instrumentation items are also available.

The Tachometer testers for use in the avionics workshops and the 3 axis Tilt Tables for inertial instrumentation testing are two such products.

For the Hangar environment the availability of angular protractors to simplify the setting of moveable surfaces gives the operators a convenient way of reducing the time taken in making these adjustments.