BCE15 Tachometer tester
New Tachometer Generator Tester

DMA have manufactured a series of tachometer generator test units for many years and totally new versions are currently being engineered. A twin channel version with 2 drive motors and test systems, the BCE14, and a tri channel version with 3 drive motor and associated test systems, the BCE15.

Both are due for release September/October 2016.

The new testers continue the ability of the existing BCE12 and BCE13 to permit the testing of up to 3 generators, but now enables more detailed testing to be carried out and incorporates many new display and control features. The Generator performance can be verified and loaded either in three phase star or delta configuration. Associated indicators also can be checked with input of test values via the keypad or coloured touch screen. The desired test value inputs are also made via the keypad or screen, with the test results being able to be printed out onto the incorporated printer if so desired.

PAMB11H Pressure indicator transfer standard
Transfer standard accuracy from the PAMB10H and PAMB11H

The single channel PAMB10H  and dual channel PAMB11H pressure indicators offer transfer standard accuracy. the PAMB11H is ideal for ADTS calibration.

MTG7 3-axis tilt table
New 3-axis tilt table

The MTG7 is the latest tilt table produced by DMA. This 3-axis tilt table provides high accuracy position and motion control and is ideal for calibrating inertial reference units and altitude/heading devices.

MPS43H Helicopter ADTS
Helicopter Air Data Test Set

The MPS43H is an ultra-compact Air Data Test Set specifically ranged for helicopters.