Stay Strong, Stay Safe and Stay Connected

In recognition of the current COVID-19 Pandemic we must start by encouraging everyone to stay safe, stay strong but remember to stay connected. These things cannot be said too many times. At DMA-Aero we are committed to the health and safety of our employees while at the same time serving our customers.

DMA-Aero would like you to be aware that we, as a US manufacturer, have taken all possible steps to create a safe and clean environment during these unprecedented times.  We are fortunate to have adequate space to more than satisfy the physical distancing guidelines in our efforts to keep everyone safe. We are proud that our employees are pulling together to ensure that we continue the supply of our products and services in a timely manner.  We have spoken with our material and component suppliers and for at least the foreseeable future we are confident that our supply chain remains robust and committed deliveries will be met. 

DMA-Aero will follow the guidelines of our local and state Government and at this time we have no plans to reduce hours or close unless directed otherwise. We will continue to communicate our efforts during this challenging time and once again we wish you all good health and safety.

A Division of PMC-STS, Inc.
Danbury, CT USA

DMA-Aero design and manufacture Aviation Ground Support Equipment (AGSE) such as; RVSM Air Data Test Sets and Systems, pitot-static adapters and air data accessory kits; fly-by-wire flight control surface movement analyzers, tachometer test sets, absolute pressure calibration standards and transfer standardstilt tables and equipment designed to customer specifications. This precision aircraft ground test equipment is used in over 80 countries worldwide by established overhaul bases, civil airlines and general aviation.

DMA-Aero's RVSM compliant Air Data Test Sets and Systems provide the accuracy, long term stability and low cost of ownership demanded by the world's leading civil and military aircraft manufacturers, repair stations and operators. Used for pitot static system certification, functional and leak testing, the wide range of Air Data Test Sets supplied by DMA-Aero form the core of their product range. Constant innovation and improvement with unique features such as battery backup has placed DMA-Aero amongst the top Air Data Test Set and System manufacturers in the world.
DMA-Aero traces its establishment via D.Marchiori s.r.l. back to 1938, mainly as a test equipment manufacturer to support European aviation requirements. As a growing and developing US company DMA-Aero is committed to continual product improvement to meet and exceed the exacting standards required in the aviation industry today.


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