Pitot-static Adapter Kits

DMA-Aero (DMA) is known worldwide for their wide range of ADTS, air data test sets.

For many years following requests from their customers, DMA have designed and manufactured a comprehensive series of individual pitot-static adaptors and full adaptor kits to provide a better and complete service coupled with their ADTS instruments.

The DMA approach has always been to configure their adaptor kit for each customer, based upon the specific model of ADTS that they are using, the test procedures being employed and the total equipment assembly (ADTS+adaptor kit).

For the customer, the choice of the adaptor kit is not a simple issue. The customer, very often, on his initial approach, does not always consider how to harmonize all his conflicting requirements. The customer almost always has to make decisions to optimize the correct choice (cost effective and functional considerations).

The design approach adopted by DMA is to configure the adaptors kit based upon factors such as:
a. how many pitot static drive ports the Customer ADTS has available,
b. if the ports have to be isolated or not,
c. the need to avoid damage to the fuselage static ports,
d. the type of hoses, the type of the fittings,
e. the customer budgetary cost, etc. etc.

All of these various items influence the composition of the final custom configuration.

Here follows is a list of a wide range of the most common DMA adapter kit applications, they are only a partial view, others kits are available as well as many variations on the listed kits. Please contact DMA for any other requirements not shown or for any special adapter or adapter kit requirements.
​Please note: These configurations are continuously being upgraded. Please consult DMA for latest data.

DMA is always available to design any new single adaptor or full kit, customer technical collaboration is both welcome and will be highly appreciated. 

Manufacturer Aircraft Part Number Configuration Datasheet
Aermacchi MB339 DMAK-MB339CD 131028GPA Download
AgustaWestland 109 DMAK-AW109-1P 110701GPA Download
AgustaWestland 109 DMAK-AW109-1PV 110625GPA Download
AgustaWestland 139 DMAK-AW139-1P 141204GPA Download
AgustaWestland 189 DMAK-AW189/139/169/1P 140901GPA Download
AgustaWestland 205 DMAK-AB205-2 141013GPA Download
AgustaWestland 206 DMAK-AB206 130415GPA Download
AgustaWestland 212 DMAK-AB212 140513GPA Download
AgustaWestland 412 DMAK-AB412 140513GPA Download
AgustaWestland A109N DMAK-A109N 081121PAB Download
AgustaWestland NH90 DMAK-NH90 121129GPA Download
Airbus A318, A319, A320, A321 DMAK-A320 150216GPA Download
Airbus A380 DMAK-A380 140922GPA Download
ATR ATR42, ATR72 DMAK-ATR42 150112GPA Download
Boeing 737 new generation DMAK-B737-678 040618RTA Download
Boeing 737 old generation DMAK-B737-2345 121213GPA Download
Boeing B747 DMAK-B747 121020GPA Download
Boeing B757 DMAK-B757 051012RTA Download
Boeing B767 DMAK-B767 121228GPA Download
Boeing B777 DMAK-B777 100712PAA Download
Cessna T182T DMAK-CESNT182T 130507GPA Download
Dassault F7X, F8X DMAK-F7X 140124GPA Download
Dassault Rafale DMAK-RAFALE 130517GPA Download
Embraer E121 DMAK-E121 150408GPA Download
Embraer E170, E190 DMAK-EJ170 140701GPA Download
Eurocopter AS350 DMAK-AS350B 131104RCA Download
Eurocopter EC135 DMAK-EC135 150213GPA Download
Eurocopter EC145 DMAK-EC145 141120GPA Download
Eurocopter EC145 DMAK-EC145A 150427GPA Download
Eurocopter MK41 DMAK-MK41 030527RTC Download
Eurocopter Tiger DMAK-TIGER 120720GPA Download
Fokker F100 DMAK-F100 130503GPA Download
Gulfstream G650 DMAK-G650 151015GPA Download
HAL ALH2 DMAK-ALH-2 141021GPA Download
HAL Jaguar Maritime DMAK-JGR-TS 150331GPA Download
HAL Jaguar Trainer DMAK-JGR-TS 141112GPA Download
Nardi NH500 DMAK-NH500 070228RTA Download
Piaggio P180 DMAK-P180 140203GPA Download
Selex Falco DMAK-FALCO 111230GPA Download
Sukhoi SJ100 DMA-SJ100 120409GPA Download
Mix, Sample Various DMAK-VFBO 110711GPA Download